Faq's - Real Weddings Magazine

I'd like to submit my wedding for publication in Real Weddings magazine. What do I do?

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Do you offer subscriptions to the printed issues of the magazine?

Yes we offer subscriptions through magshop.com.au both for printed and digital versions.


Can I order printed versions of your back issues?

We currently do not offer printed versions of our back issues. But you can subscribe to view digital versions of all our back issues at /link/.


I'm having trouble viewing certain images and videos - what do I need to do?

To view our videos, you will need Flash Player installed on your computer. You can download this program for free here.

Some of our content is exclusive to realweddings.com.au members..


I can't find the supplier name for a product in the magazine/on the web. Can you tell me where it came from?

If we have a source for an item pictured in one of our Real Weddings, it will be provided in the bride's Style Guide, located in the wedding story. Items featured in the style pages of our Real Weddings Style issue are accompanied by captions that include a supplier name.

If a supplier name is not provided, it means:

1.       The item is a personal possession, and the owner could not provide purchasing information.

2.       The item is vintage, or an antique.

3.       The item is no longer manufactured.

4.       The source of the item does not wish to be contacted.

5.       We could not locate a source for the item.


For any other questions not answered here please email info@realweddings.com.au