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Madison and Todd's Wedding at The Baths

Sorrento, Victoria

Credit: The White Tree

Madison and Todd's Wedding at The Baths

Sorrento, Victoria

When Madison Browne was selected to play netball for Australia she thought that her partner Todd Robinson’s planned weekend away was a celebratory trip. It turned out that the couple would also be celebrating their engagement. “I was speechless,” Madi said.

Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_4.jpeg


Prior to the wedding, Madi’s mother had presented her daughter with a special handkerchief made from Madi’s mother and grandmothers’ wedding dresses. In return, Madi had a handkerchief made for her mother using material and lace from her own gown. This was a special tribute and a meaningful gesture.

Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7696.jpg
Madison and Todd at The Baths
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7592.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7756.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7727.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7555.jpg


Todd and Madi kept the details of their wedding a surprise for their guests but the couple received a surprise of their own from their MC at the reception. An impromptu game was proposed where the couple had to sit back-to-back holding one of their shoes. “We were asked questions, both naughty and nice, about how well we know each other. We had to raise the shoe if we thought the answers were accurate. It was a fun surprise and it had our guests giggling,” Madi remembers.

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Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7988.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A8073.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A7994.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A8021.jpg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A8233.jpg


Madison and Todd at The Baths
Madison and Todd at The Baths




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Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_8.jpeg
Madison and Todd The Baths2M9A8296.jpg
Madison and Todd at The Baths
Madison and Todd at The Baths
Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_15.jpeg


Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_17.jpeg


Madison and Todd at The Baths


Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_14.jpeg
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Madison Todd at The BathsMadison_Todd_9.jpeg
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Madi describes their wedding as having an organic, earthy vibe. “Our bonbonniere reflected this theme. It was a plant bulb in a glass candle jar with its roots exposed. We wanted guests to plant it in their gardens after the wedding and remember our special day.” 

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Madison and Todd at The Baths


Photographer: The White Tree | Gown: Jane Hill | Ceremony Venue: Sorrento Historic Park Helipad, Sorrento, Victoria | Reception Venue & Caterer: The Baths, Sorrento, Victoria | Reception Decorations: The Style Co. | Flowers & Floral Decorations & Stationery: The Style Co. | Bridesmaids’ Outfits: Zimmermann | Music: The White Tree | Videographer: Zoe Coldham