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Best Wedding Photographers in Sydney 2024

Top 41 Sydney Wedding Photographers 2024

Credit: Lightheart Films & Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Sydney 2024

Top 41 Sydney Wedding Photographers 2024

Such a special and intimately personal time of your life; if you don’t capture it properly you may regret this forever.

There are few bigger regrets than not choosing the right wedding photographer and losing forever those magical and irreplaceable moments from that one day.

These people need to be trusted with such an important story; how do you know which one is the right one? You want to remember every laugh, kiss, secret smile and all the tiny details, and you also want to see all of the ones you miss the first time around.

It is a big job and an important responsibility.

Look through galleries for a style that you love, but it pays to also meet with your photographer and get a feel for how they work and how they will fit in on your wedding day.

You want someone that puts your guests at ease and listens to what you want, but also guides you when needed and solves problems on their feet, because little hiccups always arise during a wedding.

We have put together our list of the best wedding photographers in Sydney, based on their reviews from clients and those all-important recommendations from their peers in the industry.
Check out our list below and prepare to fall in love all over again.

Here is our list of the Editor’s Choice Top 41 Wedding Photographers in Sydney

1. Lightheart Films & Photography

Whenever it comes to marriage, there really is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Your wedding photos are highly individualized and one-of-a-kind, therefore the service offered by your photographer must be custom-tailored to match. Lightheart knows this better than anybody else.

With such a diverse and welcoming crew of professional and skilled photographers and videographers, you can trust that all of the most genuine and important moments are recorded with precision and care.
Pricing: Packages begin at $2,188.

Contact Jeff

Lightheart Films & Photography
Lightheart Films & Photography
Lightheart Films & Photography
Lightheart Films & Photography


2. Salt Atelier

The Salt Atelier team, located in Sydney, are true professionals when it comes to professional wedding photography.

With over ten years of expertise, this collection of amazing photographers has journeyed all over the globe and recorded hundreds of marriages of Australian couples in locations like Bali, Paris, Turkey, China, India, and many other areas of Australia.

The Salt Atelier crew knows how important your wedding day is for you and your spouse; individuals can depend on the Salt Atelier team to guarantee that your big day is flawlessly recorded, including all passionate, joyous, and genuine moments from the day tastefully preserved in your wedding photos.

Contact Salt Atelier

Salt Atelier
Salt Atelier
Salt Atelier


3. Splendid Photos & Video

Splendid seeks the subtle and profound as well as the spectacular and astounding.

Years of expertise and countless delighted clients are on the records of one of Sydney's most well-loved and highly-reviewed photographic companies.

Splendid, who has been featured in a number of marriage magazines, creates and captures photos which are beautiful, elegant, and full of passion.

Contact: Michael

Splendid Photos & Video
Splendid Photos & Video


4. Xtraordinary Photos & Video

Xtraordinary Photo and Video aspires to capture your marriage in the most genuine and passionate way. Fairfax Media rated this multi-award earning firm a leading wedding photography business, and their crew is also one of Sydney's greatest known and successful photographers.

They understand that your marriage is one of the most important days of your life, and that every minute should be captured and remembered.

The staff concentrates on providing high quality service to ensure that everything runs effectively. Thanks to your high-quality photographs, you'll be able to remember about your memorable occasion for decades to come.

Contact Wayne

Xtraordinary Photo and Video
Xtraordinary Photo and Video
Xtraordinary Photo and Video
Xtraordinary Photo and Video


5. Ben Newnam Photography

Ben Newnam directly oversee's your wedding from starting to end.

You will always deal with him personally. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

You will acquire top quality files as part of every package and will have absolute control over your photos.

The only thing you have to do is ask yourself. “Does his work appeal to me?”

Contact Ben Newman

Ben Newnam Photography
Ben Newnam Photography
Ben Newnam Photography
Ben Newnam Photography


6. Pepper Image Photo & Video

Located in Sydney, this group of talented professional photographers provides outstanding service and has a genuine desire to convey your romance via the medium of photography.

Pepper Image's Photographers have over Fifteen years of industry expertise in all sorts of nuptials and like capturing those wonderful times and emotions of couples in love.

Clients appreciate the staff at Pepper Image Photo & Video, one of Sydney's finest wedding photography studios, for their expertise, enthusiasm, and originality.

Pricing begins at AUD1390. With an incentive offer, a photo and video package is offered.

Contact Pepper Image Photo & Video

Pepper Image Photo & Video
Pepper Image Photo & Video
Pepper Image Photo & Video


7. Alexander Choi Photography

Alexander Choi Photography wants your wedding day to be enjoyable and stress-free.

As a result, this exceptional photography team provides a variety of wedding packages to meet your specific requirements. You no longer need to be concerned about your wedding photographs. Sydney's Alexander Choi Photography want to convey your romance in an exquisite manner. Your wedding book will be filled with stunning natural photographs that reflect the genuine soul of your event.

This photographic crew also use cutting-edge software to assure colour accuracy and high-quality photos.

Prepare to receive several praises from your friends and relatives once they see your wedding photos.

Contact Alexander Choi

Alexander Choi Photography


8. McApture Photography

McApture Photography offers timeless portraiture with a focus on genuine, natural-looking images.

The aesthetic is straightforward, genuine, and honest; there are no uncomfortable angles!

McApture Photography has been actively shooting weddings since 2013, and has had the honour of capturing over 250 marriages around NSW, QLD, and the UK.

To preserve each aspect, the crew photographs with the greatest numerous bodies and lenses available.

McApture Photography ensures that your wedding day is as relaxed, informal, and uncomplicated as possible.

Contact Katie McAuley

McApture Photography
McApture Photography
McApture Photography
McApture Photography


9. By Danny Photography

Danny takes the time getting to know you and your ideas for your marriage day, and he knows what a wedding day is all about and how stressful it may be.

When it comes down to it, though, there are two people who just want to marry their closest companion. Using his photography love - that's what Danny does, he conveys your narrative via his lens.

Danny Photography is all about documenting those true, genuine experiences that you may cherish forever and that convey your romance. Danny and his staff realise that the day is all about you and your spouse, so their attention is entirely on that unique relationship.

Sunlight and a genuine, laid-back style result in narrative telling and organic photos, with no moments lost.You won't have to worry about stiff, uncomfortable postures or phoney grins since Danny is passionate about capturing real photos that convey pure love. His clientele compliment him for paying attention to their individual requirements, as well as being punctual and entertaining.

Contact: Danny Nahlous

By Danny Photography


10. Divon Photography

You want your wedding photos to be timeless, and Divon Photography can meet your exact specifications. 

Because of their various backgrounds, this Sydney photographic team provides amazing services. They can supply you with the best quality visuals, from video and music to black and white artwork and graphic design.

Divon Photography is the happy recipient of several accolades for its one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

This skilled crew not only captures priceless pictures during your wedding, but they also remain undetected during the ceremony and afterwards. Divon Photography covertly takes all of the emotive photographs you desire, so you don't have to worry about having a camera in your face.

Contact Franky

Divon Photography


11. RISS Productions

Do you want a renowned photography business with over 10 years of professional expertise to shoot your wedding?

RISS Productions may be the perfect team for you!

They are kind and sympathetic people who like love tales. They also remain up to date on the most recent technological developments in the photography business. RISS Productions wishes to capture photos of you and your loved ones that you will treasure for many years.

Creative cinematographers are also available through this professional wedding firm.

Their cinematography crew specializes in capturing genuine, intimate moments in order to create timeless personal artwork for you.

Contact RISS Team

RISS Productions


12. D'amico Photography

D'amico Photography may be ideal for you if you are seeking for wedding photographers in Sydney with expertise.

John has photographed over 500 weddings, ranging from tiny, private ceremonies to huge, opulent affairs. 

He takes great satisfaction in capturing the genuine emotion of your wedding day in a traditional, romantic style. John D'amico takes attention to every detail, whether it's a subtle gaze or a moment of hilarity.

He travels around Sydney and beyond. This experienced wedding photographer would happily customise his services to meet your specific requirements. D'amico Photography's expert skills will ensure that you enjoy your wedding photographs.

Contact John D'amico

D’amico Photography


13. Across the Forest

The Across the Forest crew is all about capturing the romance between you, recording the true and essential moments, and making sure you have the finest time celebrating your wedding day.

According to their delighted couples, the husband and wife duo of Across the Forest are precisely the sort of folks you want around on your wedding day.

They are professional, considerate, and a relaxing presence to be around.

They will assist you in lowering your guard in order to get great candid photos.

Simply browsing the web collection will give you the emotion and make you fall in love with the captured moments.

Contact Anton and Raya

Across the Forest
Across the Forest
Across the Forest


14. MK Pixels

You've been waiting for this moment your entire life, and it's nearly here — your wedding!

Mo and Khan of MK Pixels are passionate about visually conveying your love story. He enjoys all sorts of weddings, including foreign nuptials and elopements. Wedding collections are fully customisable, allowing you to obtain exactly what you want. Everything is tailored to your specific needs, from engagement sessions and rehearsal coverage to additional photographers and extended hours.

MK Pixels provides professionally edited, high-resolution pictures through an online gallery, as well as free downloads and unlimited prints.

Collections for weddings begin at $1,599 and may be coupled with cinematography services. Your wedding album will be gorgeous, and you will cherish it for the rest of your life.

Contact MK Pixels Team

MK Pixels


15. Ellena Photography & Cinema

Ellena has been one of Sydney's most sought-after wedding photographers since 2003.

Ellena Photography Team are real professionals when it comes to capturing the actual spirit of your special day.

Their natural photojournalistic style is reflected in the stunning photos, where even the smallest details are taken care of.

Ellena Photography Team is committed to delivering stunning wedding photographs that capture every important moment, with the goal of telling your unique love story through their photographic art.

Contact Ellena

Ellena Photography & Cinema


16. Salava Photography

Salava Photography is situated on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

Jan and Rochelle are life partners and qualified professional photographers who work together at every wedding.

Their photographic techniques are entirely diverse, yet they all have the same goal: to make you fall in love with their work.

They have a healthy amount of rivalry and banter between them, giving you the impression that you're spending the day with two companions.

They like travelling and are excited to see where their photography leads them. They include book collections as well as high-quality prints and wall art, all of which are specifically made to complement the theme of your wedding or the decor of your house.

They provide a free engagement session with no obligations in order for you to get to know them and their work.

They will also tailor your coverage to your specific needs and spend valuable time with you prior to the big day discussing your preparations.

Contact Jan and Rochelle

Salava Photography
Salava Photography


17. JS Photography

So much may be forgotten or overlooked on your wedding day.

But this is the most significant day of your life, and you want every detail to be remembered for the rest of your life. Using the greatest photography crew is the best method to ensure you obtain every image, picture, and memory.

This skilled crew has built a reputation for being unbreakable and never disappointing its consumers. 

Their aim is on capturing the entire love story, and they will make certain that everything and everyone is featured and looking their best.

Contact Jason

JS Photography
JS Photography
JS Photography
JS Photography


18. Fame Park Studios

With a passion for wedding photography, this Sydney-based team of incredible wedding photographers has perfected the art of storytelling by capturing every priceless moment of your wedding day.

For your special day, Fame Park Studios provides a variety of innovative and aesthetically created photography and videography.

The crew at Fame Park Studios understands how important the couple's wedding day is, and you can expect them to go above and beyond to ensure that every moment is properly recorded and tastefully produced.

The calibre of their photographs on their profile speaks for themselves!

Contact Fame Park Studios

Fame Park Studios


19. Emilio B Photography

You'll appreciate the atmosphere Emilio produces with his photographic work if you're looking for flair, class, and simplicity.He will naturally follow you while still creating gorgeous fashion-inspired images that will make you seem like you belong on the pages of a high-end bridal magazine. This is the crew for a high-quality record, with a unique knowledge of capturing emotion as well as a fantastic grasp of digital technology.

Contact Emilio B Photography

Emilio B Photography


20. Love is Light Photography

He is a storyteller and creative wedding photographer that is enthusiastic about creating photos that make you stand up and exclaim, "Wow!" Brendan is recognized for adding excitement and inspiration to your wedding pictures, as well as helping individuals overcome shyness and make fears melt away.

This artist and storyteller is a perfect choice for your wedding photography shortlist since he is calm under pressure and a brilliant problem solver.

Contact Love is Light Photography

Love is Light Photography


21. Dan Luke Photography

Dan Luke Photography likes shooting photographs, and the results are evident in the shots. Dan is the photographer, while Diana, his fiancée, edits the wedding photographs.

The engaged pair contributes to the wedding tale by blending two distinct yet complimentary styles. The love is natural and lovely, and it shows in the photographs. Dan loves to imagine himself as the composer while Diana performs the piece. “She truly is the other half of me,” he explains.

Contact Dan Luke

Dan Luke Photography


22. Studio RL Photography

Studio RL Photography creates stunning photographs with a staff that describes themselves as "fun and quirky."

They are enthusiastic about weddings, and their work has appeared in magazines such as Modern Wedding Magazines, Complete Wedding Magazines, and Gowns Magazines, among others. Studio RL employs both still photos and films to remember your wedding celebration, and is known for its contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.

Contact Studio RL Photography

Studio RL Photography


23. Soulmade Stories

Wife and husband team Evan and Clair are experts at telling the ideal flawed love tale. This wonderful team is honoured by the couples that pick them and works closely with them to ensure that they are the perfect fit.

Working diligently behind the camera on your wedding day to not only observe the festivities, but also to capture them exactly how you desire. You're in good hands here, since they have a lot of expertise and a lot of passion for what they do.

Contact Soulmade Stories

Soulmade Stories


24. Faure Valletta Photography

This outstanding team has received accolades as well as wonderful reviews for their romantic photos that lead the way in quality. Their warm and welcoming dispositions, as well as their constantly high level of photography, make them an easy complement to any wedding day. Customers say this staff consistently goes above and beyond expectations, and what more can you possibly ask for?

Contact Faure Valletta Photography

Faure Valletta Photography


25. AtDusk Photography

Chris Prestidge from AtDusk makes a connection with each of his couples, and views every wedding as completely unique and enticingly interesting on its own. He will incorporate the environment and location you have chosen beautifully into your photos as well.

Backed by modern equipment with an old-school skill for capturing unforgettable imagery, this studio will bring you fresh, honest and vibrant shots.

Contact AtDusk Photography

AtDusk Photography
AtDusk Photography
AtDusk Photography


26. Inlighten Photography

A wedding day is full of big festivities as well as small emotional moments, and the perfect wedding photographer should be able to capture them all. Inlighten works closely with its customers to capture their unique story and ensure that all of the most crucial moments are captured forever.

This is your crew for ‘Wow' pictures and those that make you remark, ‘I can't believe you got a picture like that!'

Contact Rachael Bentick

Inlighten Photography


27. Luminarie Photography

Wendy has a wonderfully simple approach to wedding photography, which resonates with her clients; she just captures what matters most to you. Relaxed and fun, Wendy looks for the love, joy,and genuine warmth in any moment, and inevitably captures it to held in an image forever. You will cherish the shots she takes.

Allowing you to live in the moment completely, and when you look back, it will all be there for you in your wedding album.

Contact Wendy

Luminarie Photography


28. Birch & Wattle Photography

Yana and Pavel, a wonderful couple with an eye for detail and an exceptional passion for their profession, don't miss a single minute of the most important day of your life. Their excitement and love for what they do is contagious, making the entire day seamless and simple, while this fantastic crew captures all the magic in the background.

Your wedding is a frenzy, and picking the incorrect photographer may add to the chaos, but hiring this team guarantees that serenity and joy prevail on your special day.

Contact Yana Hanna

Birch & Wattle Photography


29. Damien Milan Photography

This photography business has garnered some excellent testimonials from delighted couples, and one peek through the web portfolio will show you why. This is only the beginning of your feelings, which will blossom and overflow when you meet the lovely team and see how natural, relaxing, and professional they are on your big day.

When they deliver you the stunning photographs that you know you'll love for a lifetime, you'll know you made the right decision.

Contact Damien Milan

Damien Milan Photography


30. Rose 2 Ring Studio 

Rose 2 Ring Studio has a reputation for bringing a romantic style to its work. Founded in 2008 by a young team of wedding photographers and videographers, the company is dedicated to capturing stunning images with a high-quality finish as well as recording all of the big moments from exchanging your rings to eating the cake. Rose 2 Ring is accredited through Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. 

These Sydney wedding photographers also have a popular ‘same day edit’ movie option that can be viewed during the wedding reception. 

Contact Rose 2 Ring Studio

Rose 2 Ring Studio


31. DC Images

DC Images continues to be a lifelong dream of its photographer Dale. Founded in 1996 and established in Sydney in 2003, the business has shot portraits, corporate assignments, and wedding expos.

The photographers say they love to capture people who are “engaged in reality” as well as the various moments of “genuine spontaneity” that occur during weddings.

Contact Dale Casey

DC Images


32. AP Photography

AP Photography is a Sydney wedding photography company that takes pride in its expressive but unique approach.

With 12 years of expertise, the organisation is an authorised professional photographer that understands that art is about expression and focuses on capturing unique moments. The combination of creativity and creation, as well as the inspiration of the in-the-moment photograph, results in one-of-a-kind wedding photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Contact Anthony Ponzo

AP Photography
AP Photography
AP Photography


33. Image Couture

Images Couture collaborates with its clients to create a natural wedding that is one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, and high-fashion.

The photographers concentrate on the finer aspects of the day to create a collection of photos that capture the most memorable moments of the day. Images range from the first kiss to the response of the family.
Couture wishes to immortalize your wedding in a beautiful and elegant manner.

Contact Nikolas Apostolopoulos

Image Couture


43. Hello Sweetheart

Hello Sweetheart is made up of a group of skilled wedding photographers and filmmakers.

The crew has photographed hundreds of weddings and specialises in one-of-a-kind, breathtaking photos that showcase their clients' individuality. Their work has appeared in Easy Weddings, Polka Dot Bride, and other well-known Australian wedding blogs.

Contact Tim Engelbrecht

Hello Sweetheart


35. Instill Photography

Instill Photography promotes a stunning array of images that are all about preserving all the elements of the wedding day details. Passionate and meticulous, Jared and his team of photographers say they know that even after the day has passed.

The all-inclusive packages help generate beautiful images that will help clients remember their big day well into the future.

Contact Jared Mildenhall

Instill Photography


36. Blumenthal Photography

With years of experience in wedding photography and a comprehensive portrait and corporate portfolio. Boasting global and celebrity clients - Blumenthal is the leading choice for individuals looking for a professional studio that is unsurpassed in sheer talent and style. The Blumenthal image is a distinct one. Easily recognized by the richness of sentiment and emotion– our highly experienced team of Melbourne and Sydney based photographers strive to capture an image that is in essence, a beautiful illustration of the moment.

Contact Megan

Blumenthal Photography
Nicola and Mike Boyd at The Deckhouse
Nicola and Mike Boyd at The Deckhouse


37. Russell Stafford Photography

I photograph people in love. I capture the union not just of two souls in love, but two families becoming one. I believe love between a couple is universal no matter their culture, background, or orientation.

The thing I love most about photography is that it slows life down and lets us focus on the moment in front of us. With the fast-paced lives we all seem to live now, it's harder and harder to slow down, breathe, and take a moment. I truly believe that our lives are made up of treasured instances, and capturing that moment in time for a couple to revisit throughout their lives is what drives me. 

Contact Russell

Candice and Justin at The View of Sydney
Candice and Justin at The View of Sydney
Candice and Justin at The View of Sydney
Candice and Justin at The View of Sydney


38. Elliott Kramer Photography

Beautiful, authentic wedding photography. with a love for capturing people as they are.

Freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia. What am I inspired by? The weather, changing light. A fresh southerly wind and epic sunsets. Watching the emotions of a wedding day change and evolve over the course of the day. Capturing a moment that I noticed out of the corner of my eye, as everyone's eyes are on the other side of the room. Capturing people as they are.

Contact Elliott

Sharmane and Patrick at The Pavilion Kiama
Sharmane and Patrick at The Pavilion Kiama
Sharmane and Patrick at The Pavilion Kiama
Sharmane and Patrick at The Pavilion Kiama


39. Kristie Carrick Photography

My approach is laidback and semi-documentary style, with a smidge of guidance where needed. When you choose me as a wedding photographer you choose love behind your lens. You choose portrait sessions cruising to tunes, you choose natural, authentic and emotive captures and you sure as heck choose a good time. 

Based in Sydney, I will follow your love story wherever it takes you.

Contact Krisitie Carrick

Sarah & Kieran Walsh at The Pavilion Kiama
Sarah & Kieran Walsh at The Pavilion Kiama
Sarah & Kieran Walsh at The Pavilion Kiama
Sarah & Kieran Walsh at The Pavilion Kiama


40. Rolling Canvas 

A team of Indian wedding photographers & Cinematographers Sydney with experience capturing more than 600 Indian Weddings in Sydney.

Rolling Canvas provides remarkable wedding cinematography and photography around the globe.  Here we have a small team of few creative filmmakers and photographers who work together to bring the best wedding video and photography in Sydney and beyond in a very natural way for every couple.  We are boutique studio and we take a limited number of weddings each season to make sure we can provide our couples with an experience they can remember for a lifetime.

Contact Rolling Canvas

Chandrika and Arwinder at The Refectory Werribee by Bursaria
Chandrika and Arwinder at The Refectory Werribee by Bursaria
Chandrika and Arwinder at The Refectory Werribee by Bursaria
Chandrika and Arwinder at The Refectory Werribee by Bursaria


41. Luminous Weddings 

With a style of photography fused between editorial fashion and documentary, your wedding images with Luminous Weddings will truly have a timeless, romantic and natural feel. Capturing candid moments with raw emotion is one of their hidden talents, and is certainly one of the best ways to reflect on such a memorable day. With reasonably priced packages, and beautifully crafted images, Luminous Weddings can capture your wedding day from start to finish with one or even two photographers. 

Contact: Jamie Johns

Luminous Weddings
Luminous Weddings
Luminous Weddings
Luminous Weddings
Luminous Weddings
Luminous Weddings