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At a Glance


  • Beautiful, modern space with a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic

  • Complete glass frontage with private balcony overlooking Darling Harbour

  • Innovative and carefully-curated menu


  • From 50 through to 200 guests

nestled amongst the streets of Barangaroo is 12-Micron’s newly-developed, unique, function and event space – Watermans Room.

Watermans Room is located at the northern end of the waterfront and features complete glass frontage, a private balcony with excellent breathtaking views of Sydney’s harbour, a spacious interior and a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic.


Watermans Room has a maximum capacity of 300 guests and is suitable for all events from corporate and conference, to cocktail and celebration, as well as weddings and bespoke events of all shapes and sizes. Watermans Room is a completely exclusive area with a private bar, private lift access and private bathrooms.


The alignment between the 12-Micron restaurant and the new Watermans Room function space is more than just in the distinctive interiors and aesthetic. The innovative and carefully-curated 12-Micron menu also makes its way over to the Watermans Room, providing an added unique feature to the function package. Like 12-Micron, each ingredient is carefully sourced and every dish boasts vigilant craftsmanship.


Watermans Room is a beautiful, contemporary space, carefully designed to host events and experiences that will create everlasting memories.


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Tower 1, Level 2, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW

12 Micron Weddings

Be met with style and modern elegance at every angle with our newly-developed unique wedding space - Watermans Room.

Tower 1, Level 2, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW

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