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At a Glance

My Style and Approach

I’m all about the good vibes and capturing the real you – no staged moments and no treating your wedding day like a production set. I believe your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple and the things that bring you joy. This is why it’s important for me that I get to know you, who you are as a couple as well as individually so I can handcraft your wedding film that’s truly a representation of you.

My approach is modern, energetic, and story-driven. I'm there on your wedding day as a friend more than a vendor because I understand you. I know your personalities and even the things that make you both unique which I use to my advantage when I document your wedding! My goal is to create an experience where you're comfortable and can be vulnerable. To bring out the most honest and real version of yourselves - no forcing moments, ever!


Above Below Visuals

I'm Tim, and I'm not your average videographer. There's no fly on the wall approach here, its feet on the ground capturing the moments that are most important. It's about keeping it fun, natural and candid. It's bringing the energy, the laughs, the inside jokes, good vibes and being more of a 'mate with a camera' than another vendor.

Our films are modern, energetic, and story driven that reflect the people in them. It's about capturing the personalities of my couples and telling their story. If this sounds like you, reach out! I would love to chat to see if we’re the perfect fit!



Sydney, NSW - Australia

Above Below Visuals

Breaking the mould on traditional wedding films.

Sydney, NSW - Australia

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