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All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach Weddings

At a Glance


  • The modernly designed location features floor-to-ceiling glass, offering unparalleled waterfront vistas of Sorrento beach. Its spacious open-air deck captures the soothing sounds of the surf, while an unforgettable sunset provides a picturesque backdrop for those commemorating your special occasion.


  • With a capacity to host large events of up to 200 guests in a cocktail-style setting, the reception venue provides abundant seating and lounge spaces in addition to a modern cocktail bar and a beachside deck offering panoramic views of the ocean.

Sip, Savor, and Celebrate: All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach Weddings - The Ultimate Cocktail Wedding Destination

Our Spectacular Venue

An Unforgettable Beach Wedding Experience. Located high above Sorrento Ocean Beach on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, our venue stands as a peerless destination. The panoramic vistas of the stunning coastline provide an ever-changing backdrop, offering everything from the pristine sandy beach to a multitude of rock pools during low tide. The untouched Australian coastline directly beneath the venue invites the chance for that truly special photograph on your momentous day, just a few steps away.

Our venue boasts a modern, contemporary interior with a welcoming and comfortable ambiance, ensuring your guests are entranced from the moment they set foot inside. With its spectacular location, it's a place where your wedding dreams are brought to life.

Our Simple Philosophy

When contemplating a 'cocktail wedding' and selecting the right venue to ensure its triumph, there are two critical factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, ample comfortable seating is an absolute must, as well as an abundance of delectable food. At All Smiles, we specialise exclusively in creating exceptional cocktail weddings and fully understand the essentials for making your big day an outstanding success.

Our venue boasts over 180 comfortable, yet casually elegant seats spread throughout the space. Moreover, we provide an endless supply of exquisite food throughout the evening. This combination guarantees an extraordinary wedding experience that will be cherished by all.


250 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Victoria

All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach Weddings

Specialising in amazing “cocktail style” weddings. With plenty of comfortable seating, loads of incredible food and our spectacular beach front location, your guests will be blown away with your special day.

250 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Victoria

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