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Daylesford Wedding Venues

Host your special day at one of Daylesford’s elegant wedding reception venues

A tranquil escape from hustle and bustle of city life, Daylesford is the perfect wedding venue for those looking for simplistic elegance and rustic romance. Showcasing the select best, let Real Weddings inspire you.

Whatever your budget and personal taste, you’ll be sure to find a wedding reception place that best fits your need. With plenty of mineral springs and spa retreats peppering the region, you and your guests can opt to stay the night and indulge in the ultimate massage and relaxation experience.

Naturally stylish and serene, Daylesford offers scenic attractions and entertainment options aplenty. We’ve got other locations on offer, so be sure to view our exclusive selection of wedding venues around Victoria.

Celebrate your wedding at an unforgettable reception venue in Daylesford. To complement your special day, browse through our local Daylesford wedding photographers today.

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