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Innovative Designs, Exquisite Craftsmanship



Suiting $1,800 - $3,000

To wear made-to-measure Racondier is to feel the care, craftsmanship and passion behind everything we do.

Racondier is a luxury cosmopolitan tailoring house that celebrates originality, craftsmanship and curiosity. Based in Adelaide, Racondier craft timeless garments with the utmost attention to detail, introducing a fresh and innovative perspective to tailor made menswear.


The Racondier Founder, Designer and Made-To-Measure Specialist, Chris Callisto, has over 15 years' experience in the premium and luxury menswear space. His designs embody an array of inspirations from cinema, music and other creative outlets, invoking excitement, nostalgia, hope and more.


Racondier garments are customised and crafted according to your unique measurements, hand-finished from your selection of finest quality Italian and English fabrics. For the wedding ensemble, Racondier invites you to visit their Adelaide salon and experience the height of modern luxury. The world will know when you wear a Racondier.


Racondier, Suite 3, Level 1/199 Hutt St, Adelaide SA


Experience the Racondier world - where imagination meets craftsmanship.

Racondier, Suite 3, Level 1/199 Hutt St, Adelaide SA

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