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At a Glance

  • Fun and enjoyable ceremony

  • Doesn’t read from a script

  • Emphasis on personal and meaningful ceremony

  • Big loud PA speaker system

Australia’s Premier Male Celebrant

Josh Withers, is a distinguished figure in the wedding industry with over fifteen years of experience. He has not only created bespoke weddings in more than twenty countries but also boasts appearances on prominent TV shows, enhancing his reputation as the top choice for couples looking for a vibrant and memorable wedding experience. Josh has graced television screens on popular programs such as Married at First Sight, Seven Sunrise, and Channel Nine's Today Show. His expertise and charismatic presence have made him a sought-after figure in media.

In addition to his television appearances, Josh is a regular guest on ABC radio across Australia, where his insights and expertise in marriage ceremonies reach a nationwide audience. His influence extends into print and online media as well, with features in the Daily Mail, the New York Times, and contributions to Yahoo Lifestyle. This extensive media presence highlights his depth of knowledge and his unique approach to wedding ceremonies.

Josh's emphasis on crafting personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies has earned him widespread praise. Now, he brings his celebrated services to Hobart, where couples can experience the magic of his work set against the picturesque backdrop of this vibrant city. Known for its stunning waterfront and rich cultural scene, Hobart offers the perfect canvas for Josh’s artistry in creating heartfelt and engaging wedding ceremonies.

With Josh Withers as your celebrant, your wedding day is set to be an extraordinary celebration of love. His ability to blend personal stories with professional flair ensures that each ceremony is not just seen but felt deeply by all present. Whether in the scenic locales of Hobart or any other beautiful place your heart desires, choosing Josh means securing a masterful and joyous celebration tailored uniquely to you.


1A Brooke Street Hobart Tasmania

Josh Withers Marriage Celebrant

Renowned as Australia’s leading male celebrant, Josh has graced television screens and officiated weddings across more than twenty countries. His dedication to crafting intimate and heartfelt ceremonies has garnered acclaim from media outlets. With over fifteen years of experience, Josh stands as the ultimate choice for couples seeking a joyful and memorable wedding experience.

1A Brooke Street Hobart Tasmania

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