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Honeymoons at The Pierre, New York City


Credit: Images courtesy of The Pierre

Honeymoons at The Pierre, New York City


The Pierre has long been a haunt of New York's social and business elite and while we were there we spotted Donald Trump purposefully through the lobby on his way to a meeting in the grand Cotillion Ballroom (where the famous Tango scene in Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino was filmed).

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Located on New York’s Fifth Avenue and overlooking the iconic Central Park, The Pierre underwent a lavish $100 million renovation a few years ago.

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It first opened on October 1, 1930, with 700 rooms and “an aim to create the atmosphere of a private club or residence instead of the average hotel atmosphere.” That same year, the hotel was described in a local guide as “a monument of beauty and one of the most majestic structures in all New York.”

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Today, this luxurious atmosphere continues thanks to the recent renovations and the incredible staff, which outnumber guests by a ratio of three to one, allowing them to focus on anticipating a guest’s every need.

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