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BNJ Events and Decorations

At a Glance

Explore Our Captivating Wedding Themes:

Symbolizing enduring love and commitment, the wedding ring theme represents the timeless bond between two individuals pledging to cherish each other for a lifetime.

Blend the charm of old-school allure with modern elegance, emphasizing the imperfect beauty found in the natural world. A love that transcends time and remains eternally vibrant.

Illumination, enlightenment, and positive light characterize the lantern dream theme. An enchanting evening that feels like love is delicately woven into the air.

Enhance your atmosphere with a collection of new, old, and antique candelabras, casting a romantic ambiance and warm glow. The candelabra symbolizes family unity and heartfelt wishes.

Simple yet elegant, the farmhouse theme adds a touch of class to your event. With rustic, country-inspired decorations, it delivers a classic ambiance, guaranteed to captivate any audience.

For events that demand celebration, consider our cold spark fireworks or lighting systems. From 'MARRY ME' to 'LOVE' and milestone years, our safe and spectacular displays add the perfect wow factor to any theme. Incorporate them into any of the above themes for an unforgettable experience.

BNJ Events and Decorations

Turning Dreams into Reality

With roots tracing back over two decades in the Philippines, Joel and his brother Dandy founded a successful catering and events enterprise. Expanding their expertise, Joel ventured to Sydney in 2008, specializing in decorations for a myriad of occasions. In early 2021, Ben and Joel unveiled BNJ Events and Decorations in Lancefield, extending their exceptional services to cater to all of Melbourne and Victoria.

Specialising in Wedding Decorations, we bring forth an exquisite blend of elegance and affordability to perfect your special day. Our expertise extends beyond weddings to encompass event planning services, corporate event management, venue decoration services, and personalized in-home party decor and styling. Allow us to transform your dream wedding into reality with our creative and tailor-made services, ensuring every detail reflects your unique vision and style.

At BNJ Events and Decorations, we don't just create events; we craft memories that last a lifetime. Elevate your celebrations with our expertise and personalized touch. Your dream event begins with BNJ – where every detail matters.



BNJ Events and Decorations

At BNJ Events, we are passionate about turning your events into extraordinary and memorable experiences. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or any special celebration, we bring creativity, precision, and a touch of magic to every detail.


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