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Floral Design Services: 

  • Al La Carte Botanicals -This offers a simple and effective method to guarantee you'll have stunning botanical decor ready for your special day

  • Tailor Made Botanicals - Crafted from our extensive experience, this efficient process comprises three consultations. Designed for grand high-end weddings that require in-depth discussions and may involve extensive installations or long-distance logistics."

Blooms and Beyond: Beautiflora, Your Floral Oasis

Beautiflora, Byron Bay's foremost boutique floral studio, has been a trusted provider of exquisite floral arrangements and indoor plant services in the Byron Bay area for over two decades. Throughout this extensive journey, Beautiflora has expertly crafted captivating bouquets and botanical designs for a diverse range of events, spanning from intimate birthdays to grand corporate gatherings, as well as weddings of various scales and styles. Whether you're seeking a stunning vase, lush indoor plants, a fresh flower delivery, a botanical gift hamper, a hanging garden display, a centerpiece for your table, a bridal bouquet, a charming flower crown, a lavish wedding arbour, or even an entire suspended rainforest installation, Beautiflora can effortlessly bring your botanical visions to life. Beautiflora's skilled floral artisans extend their creative touch to local deliveries for special occasions, large-scale corporate installations, photoshoots, lively parties, engaging workshops, and more


Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore


Explore a stunning array of fresh blooms and elegant arrangements, handcrafted to brighten your special moments. Shop with us today and bring the joy of flowers into your life.

Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore

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