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CloudHerd Film Co.

At a Glance


The Indie

  • Our super low-key stealth package, with one cinematographer.
  • 8-hours coverage with a highly edited short film set to a great track that captures your day and full coverage of your ceremony and speeches. The Indie is perfect if you want more money to spoil yourself on your honeymoon.

The Blockbuster

  • For those who want their wedding film to be a cinematic experience.
  • 10-hours coverage, an 8 minute highlight film with voice-overs from the day, social media edit, extended rough cut and full coverage of your speeches and ceremony. The Blockbuster is our most popular package.

The Epic

  • Designed to ensure you can remember almost every second of your wedding.
  • 12-hours coverage, 3 separate films of various lengths as well as multi-cam edits of both your ceremony and the speeches! The Epic is the ultimate package for remembering every moment and saving memories to last a lifetime.

CloudHerd Film Co.

Your wedding day stands as one of the most pivotal moments in your lifetime, and we hold this truth in the highest regard. We understand that you've invested extensive time and effort into making it a heartfelt celebration of your love, while also crafting an epic party that your guests will be talking about for years to come. The bar has been set, and we absolutely grasp the magnitude of it.

That's precisely why you can place your trust in us, as we're committed to not just matching but exceeding your dedication by investing all the time, effort, and creative energy necessary to capture every enchanting moment and etch it into film. Our aspiration is for you to look back on your 10th anniversary and experience the same butterflies that fluttered when you exchanged vows, to still shed a tear during your father's heartfelt speech, and to relive the infectious energy of your friends lighting up the dance floor. Essentially, we aim to evoke all those profound emotions once more, and we believe it's achievable through a truly exceptional wedding video. We'll persist tirelessly until we've achieved this.


Blue Mountains, NSW - Australia

CloudHerd Film Co.

At CloudHerd Film Co, we're dedicated to transforming your precious moments into lasting memories. Our passion lies in crafting unique and cinematic videography that beautifully tells your story. We believe in the power of genuine emotions and candid moments, and our approach is all about preserving your special day as it naturally unfolds.

Blue Mountains, NSW - Australia

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