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Engagements at The George on Collins

At a Glance


The "Georges" building was originally built for the Equitable Co-operative Society in 1883. Designed by architects John Grainger and Charles D'Ebro and built on land owned by Scots' Church, the building was constructed in classical revival style in 1883 by David Mitchell.



Cellar - 45 seated guests, 200 cocktail

Attic - 12 seated guests, 30 cocktail 

Den - 26 seated guests, 40 cocktail

Rumpus - 16 seated guests, 25 cocktail

Full House - 240 seated guests, 450 cocktail

Engagements at The George on Collins

Open from lunch ‘til late, The George has a rare kind of magic – the ability to adapt to different crowds, moods and moments. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, a birthday bash or a cocktail party, The George creates just the right atmosphere to make it a memorable occasion.


Step into ‘our house’ and you’ll encounter a range of different spaces, each with its own unique character and charm. We love nothing more than bringing these rooms to life with great food, drinks and of course service. No matter what the event entails, we make it our mission to ensure everything’s smooth sailing (so you can actually enjoy yourself!).



As the name suggests, the Cellar is cool, classy and sophisticated – making it ideal for gatherings where style is key. The beauty of the Cellar is that it’s extremely versatile: it can act as a private dining room for up to 45 people, or be opened up into a cocktail space for over 200. Fully equipped with a range of private facilities and technology, it’s also perfect for corporate events where you need to make a presentation or make a visual impact.



Up a few stairs you’ll find the Attic: a secluded, semi-private space that’s tucked away from the rest of The George. Overlooking the main Parlour, the Attic allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the venue, while still having space to yourself. Accommodating up to 30, it’s a more intimate room decked out in comfortable lounge furniture – making it ideal for those times you want to create a sense of ease and closeness at your event.


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162 - 168 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC

Engagements at The George on Collins

We hope you enjoy all the tantalising and creative flavours as much as we do. Make your next lunch or dinner outing with us at The George On Collins.

162 - 168 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC

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