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All Inclusive Photo and Video Package: $6000

Full day Photo and Video Package: $5000

All Inclusive Video Package: $3500

Video Highlights Package: $2750

Ceremony and Speeches Package: $2000

All Inclusive Photography Package: $4000

Half Day Photography Package: $2500

Above And Beyond Weddings

Introducing Above And Beyond Weddings, the premier production company renowned for crafting enchantment across the landscapes of Australia. Comprising a team of university-trained cinematographers, they bring forth the allure of Hollywood quality imagery and deliver service of the highest echelon. If you seek innovation, ambition, and a team unafraid to explore novel ideas and techniques, Above And Beyond Weddings is your ultimate choice.

Are you in pursuit of a wedding film that leaves you breathless, reminiscent of Hollywood's finest? Prepare to be enraptured by the offerings of Above And Beyond Weddings. With their cinematic prowess, they capture moments with a dazzling finesse, employing sweeping camera movements, breathtaking aerial footage, and pristine audio quality. When you watch their creations, it's akin to attending a VIP movie premiere, starring none other than your own wedding day.

Above And Beyond Weddings aspires to set the gold standard for flawless, high-end visual storytelling in Victoria. Their boundless ambition, pioneering techniques, creative vision, and wealth of expertise make them a magnetic choice for couples seeking unparalleled services.

What sets this premium company apart is not only their mastery of light, composition, audio engineering, and impeccable editing but also their unbridled willingness to push boundaries. Imagine a romantic couples' photograph with subtle, graceful movements or a stunning, surreal composite photo – nothing is too audacious for this intrepid team.

Experience the extraordinary with Above And Beyond Weddings, where dreams are transformed into cinematic reality.


Melbourne and Australia Wide

Above And Beyond Weddings

Embark on a cinematic journey with Above and Beyond Weddings, where your love story is transformed into a mesmerising masterpiece. Comprising a team of university-trained cinematographers, we bring Hollywood quality imagery and impeccable service to your special day. 

 Explore the extraordinary with Above and Beyond Weddings.

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