Real Wedding – Afternoon Delight

Today on the blog we are sharing the homely wedding of Kaitlin and Brennan, who were so excited to get married that they considered eloping, “But then we thought, ‘We’re only getting married once’ so we decided on a small intimate and very personal wedding,” Kaitlin said.

Kaitlin and Brennan may have kept the number of guests small (with only 17 in attendance) but the styling and decorations were anything but simple. Kaitlin lovingly thought through every detail of the wedding from the stamps on the lolly buffet bags to the teacup candles she made as wedding favours and the doily confetti cones filled with petals and paper love hearts.

“Magazines and blogs are a great source of wedding inspiration but they can also be overwhelming with their quantity of ideas. Brennan and I decided to create a wedding that was a fusion of vintage and rustic styling with a dash of boho.” This was a great recipe for a sweet wedding with a relaxed vibe.

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kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_001_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_006_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_008_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_009_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_013_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_019_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_031_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_035_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_047_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_049_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_062_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_069_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_072_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_081_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_085_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_095_highRes kaitlin_brennan_elleniToumpas_100_highRes


Photography by Elleni Toumpas Wedding Photography

Real Wedding – Mauve Touch

Be inspired by the distinctive styling and elegant floral arrangements of Justine and Quinton’s Queensland wedding, on our blog today.
A soft colour palette of pink, peach and purple reflected the warmth of the day.

A chance encounter in a Wagga Wagga pub sent Justine and Quinton on a romantic path to marriage, with the couple tying the knot on Queensland’s spectacular Magnetic Island. Leading boutique caterer Roux Blond took inspiration from the relaxed tropical backdrop and neutral beach tones to create the ultimate event overlooking Horseshoe Bay.

“After seeing previous pictures of events and functions that Roux Blonde had catered for and decorated, we knew their work was spectacular, and in the weeks leading up to the wedding, we both felt reassured that the day would be perfect,” Justine said.

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a-rethus_025 b-rethus_281 c-rethus_202 d-rethus_243 e-rethus_318 f-rethus_039 g-rethus_344 h-rethus_041


Photography by Insight Creative

Real Wedding – Old World Glamour

Amanda Erickson and David Gennusa celebrated their wedding at the stately Curzon Hall in New South Wales.

Built in the early 1900s, Curzon Hall boasts a range of opulently appointed ballrooms. The Banquet Room brought a sense of occasion and old world glamour to Amanda and David’s autumn wedding.

Amanda wore a princess style, full-skirted tulle gown. “I always dreamed of wearing a wedding gown with lots of tulle and I was able to work closely with Strictly Bridal to achieve the design I had envisioned,” Amanda said. The bridesmaids wore black, off-the-shoulder tulle gowns and carried white composite bouquets or glamelia bouquets. Made from the petals of many flowers to form one larger flower, the handmade design was elegant and sophisticated. Amanda carried a cascading white floral arrangement.

“The colour scheme for our wedding was all white,” Amanda said. She described the reception as like “a fairyland of flowers and candles”. Beneath the glow of the ornate chandeliers, the couple had their first dance to Michael Bublé’s Everything. “This song is particularly significant to us because we have seen Michael Bublé in concert many times,” Amanda said. The wedding reception featured live entertainment of a saxophonist, singer and DJ. “We danced the evening away in the majestic ballroom,” Amanda reminisced.

 a-amanda-david b-amanda-david c-amanda-david d-amanda-david e-amanda-david f-amanda-david g-amanda-david h-amanda-david i-amanda-david j-amanda-david k-amanda-david

Reminiscent of David’s proposal on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, the bridal party took photographs in the sunshine beneath the iconic building.

l-amanda-david m-amanda-david n-amanda-david o-amanda-david p-amanda-david

“Our white wedding cake was made and decorated by my mother Larraine,” Amanda said. It had 4-tiers and was decorated with handmade flowers.

q-amanda-david r-amanda-david

Photography by Saxon Cole

Real Wedding – Rouge Opulence

Today on the blog we are sharing the distinctive wedding of Romi and Jason, held at Atlantic in Melbourne.

Romi spent months before her wedding looking at photos from opulent weddings around the world for inspiration. “I wanted our wedding to be romantic and modern, therefore our décor combined rich colours including pink, red and magenta.” During their traditional Jewish ceremony, high tea was served to guests with a combination of sweet and savoury delights.

Their bridal party consisted of 7 groomsmen, 6 bridesmaids and 5 flowergirls, with the bridesmaids wearing rose coloured gowns with rose-gold tinted beading and a peplum design to match the style of Romi’s dress.
“Everybody who worked towards our wedding created a wonderland. It was as though Jason and I were in another world. Never in my wildest dreams, and I have wild dreams, did I imagine the day as it was. Everything exceeded my expectations.”

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Photography by Blumenthal Photography

Real Wedding – Balinese Paradise

Today on the blog we are sharing the luxe Bali wedding of high school sweethearts, Emma and Brady. “We chose our wedding venue because of the breathtaking view of the ocean from the cliff edge. Jennifer Hawkins hadn’t got married there yet!” Emma laughed.

Their wedding day had a green and blush pink colour scheme that was complemented with a timber aesthetic. “We were married beneath a canopy of roses and silver suede and, around us, rose pomanders and lanterns hung from the trees.”

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0002_Emma_Brady_CA_003 0010_Emma_Brady_CA_011 0038_Emma_Brady_BB_010 0045_Emma_Brady_CB_016 0200_Emma_Brady_CA_116 0267_Emma_Brady_CB_118 0330_Emma_Brady_BB_083 0351_Emma_Brady_CA_216 0395_Emma_Brady_CA_259 0534_Emma_Brady_CB_224 0600_Emma_Brady_CA_380 0621_Emma_Brady_CA_391 0676_Emma_Brady_CB_285 0898_Emma_Brady_CA_509 0935_Emma_Brady_BB_189 0959_Emma_Brady_CA_553 1012_Emma_Brady_BB_246 1119_Emma_Brady_CA_641 1155_Emma_Brady_CA_673 1227_Emma_Brady_BB_370 1231_Emma_Brady_BB_373 1434_Emma_Brady_CA_833 1514_Emma_Brady_CB_639 1541_Emma_Brady_CB_654


Photography by PhotoFactory Bali

‘The One That I Want’ by CHANEL

The new CHANEL film – celebrating the iconic fragrance CHANEL No°5 -€ written and directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Gisele Bundchen, has been unveiled! Entitled ‘The One That I Want’ the film depicts the No°5 woman as one who listens to her heart. She is a woman who knows exactly who she is, and is free to make her own choices and listen to her desires.
CHANEL No°5 is the world€™s most famous fragrance, and was created in 1921 when Coco Chanel asked the great perfumer, Ernest Beaux, to create a fragrance that reflected her vision of modern femininity. No°5 was her lucky number and it was the fifth submission presented to Mademoiselle Chanel, thus a legend was born with the name; CHANEL No°5.



Real Wedding – Resort-Style Chic

Today on the blog we are very excited to share the super stylish wedding of Nadia Coppolino and Jimmy Bartel. A relaxed resort-style getaway experience was created for the couples wedding day, on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.
“In year 10 at high school, I had my debutante ball and I firmly told mum and dad that it would be the only time they saw me in a white wedding style dress so they had better remember it. This all changed when I met Jim,” said Nadia.

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Bartel-0241 Bartel-0328 Bartel-0347 Bartel-0502 Bartel-0609 Bartel-0622 Bartel-0652 Bartel-0665 Bartel-0690 Bartel-0708 Bartel-0727 Bartel-0780 Bartel-0788 Bartel-0843


Photography by Kristen Cook

Real Wedding – Country Chic

Today on the blog we are sharing the ‘Country Chic’ wedding of Hamish Esplin and Peta Hird. Their Hunter Valley wedding had a navy, yellow and white colour scheme, and their romantic vision was brought to life with the creative genius of Peta’s friend from school Brooke Allott, owner of event planning and styling company Something White.

Brooke worked with Peta and Hamish to develop a mood board with a realistic timeline, and once the key styling elements were finalised, the couple entrusted her with the creative side.
“We really wanted to have some surprises on the day, and one of the highlights was discovering all the styling elements throughout the wedding,” Peta said.

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a-BP0400 b-BP0128 c-BP0129 d-BP0089 e-BP0600 f-BP0189 g-BP0090 h-BP0126 i-BP0396 j-BP0754 k-BP0690 l-BP0634 m-BP0610

Photography by SugarLove Weddings

Melbourne venues – Lights of Luminare

Swoon at the view as dusk falls and city lights glitter against velvet black night. Breathtaking!

Flooded with natural light during the day and the glittering city lights of Melbourne by night, Luminare is a gorgeous and exciting urban rooftop venue available for evening weddings.

Managed exclusively by The Big Group, this contemporary loft style setting, enhanced by wrap around balconies and stunning views of Melbourne’s city skyline, is perfect for chic weddings, swish soirées, parties, dinners and cocktail events.

Add fantastic food, fabulous staff and brilliant views and Luminare presents a venue made in heaven.

The minimalistic black, grey and white décor offers the ultimate blank canvas to add styling to satisfy your heart’s desire.

With a new spring/summer menu, Luminare can accommodate up to 450 for a standing cocktail style event and between 220 and 250 for a seated event with or without a dance floor.


a-Real-Weddings_-Decor b-Real-Weddings_-City-Deck c-Real-Weddings_-Entrance d-Real-Weddings_-Dinner-2 e-Real-Weddings_-Dinner-1 f-Real-Weddings_-Dinner-4 g-Real-Weddings_-Dinner-3 h-Real-Weddings_-Table-Decor-2 i-Real-Weddings_-Table-Decor-1 j-Real-WEddings_-Table-Decor-3 k-Real-Weddings_-Cake l-Real-Weddings_-Dessert m-Real-Weddings_-Main n-Real-Weddings_-Dessert-Station

Real Wedding – Manhattan Glamour

Today on the blog we are sharing the 1950s Manhattan style wedding of Olivia and Gerard. On the theme and styling of their wedding day Olivia said, “I love organising events and social functions so I was so excited to personally influence the styling and design of the wedding. With the help of Ed Dixon Food Design I was able to turn my inspiration into a reality. Our reception felt like an enchanted garden. Gold, green and white were the focus of our colour palatte, and our dining space was made to feel warm and cosy with lush green table settings and moss running through the arrangements.

For more details from this sophisticated wedding and to see Olivia’s Style Guide, visit

a-OG_Wedding_HighResC-106 b-OG_Wedding_HighResC-208 c-OG_RealWedding_HighRes-11 c-OG_Wedding_HighResC-598 d-OG_Wedding_HighResC-245 e-OG_Wedding_HighResC-453 f-OG_Wedding_HighResC-520 g-OG_Wedding_HighResC-540 h-OG_Wedding_HighResC-203 i-OG_Wedding_HighResC-587 j-OG_Wedding_HighResC-580 l-OG_Wedding_HighResC-645 m-IMG_1661 n-IMG_1716 o-OG_Wedding_HighResC-759 p-OG_Wedding_HighResC-709 q-OG_Wedding_HighResC-754 r-IMG_1771 s-OG_Wedding_HighResC-844 t-OG_Wedding_HighResC-813

Photography by Raspberry Robot