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  • With its grand architecture, lavish décor, and attention to detail, Vogue Ballroom offers a timeless and opulent setting for weddings.


  • Can comfortably host events ranging from 100 to 360 guests.

Step into the epitome of luxury and elegance at Vogue Ballroom.

Vogue Ballroom boasts a plethora of opulent features, from its soaring six-meter high French provincial crystal chandelier-lined ceilings to its custom-designed carpets and iconic wall paneling. The lavish marble foyer, adorned with crushed silk drapery, sets the tone for luxury, while the mezzanine balcony offers a panoramic view of the entire ballroom. Every detail exudes opulence, making Vogue Ballroom the quintessential venue for your celebration.

Our gracious foyer provides an elegant setting for pre-event drinks and canapés, allowing your guests to await your grand entrance in comfort and style. Additionally, we offer onsite ceremony options, ensuring your entire wedding can be held within the iconic Vogue Ballroom.

Vogue Ballroom is not only perfect for weddings but also ideal for a variety of occasions. With its stunning design and a team of expert event planners, your experience at Vogue will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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399 Blackburn Road Burwood East VIC

Vogue Ballroom Weddings

No expense has been spared in its luxurious decor, from its lavish stone bathrooms, exquisite Bridal Room and ensuite and the unhindered 6 meter high French provincial crystal chandelier lined ceiling, to the mezzanine balcony overlooking the whole ballroom. 

399 Blackburn Road Burwood East VIC

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