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Fiona and Aaron's Wedding at Garden's House

Melbourne, Vic

Credit: David Rosendale

Fiona and Aaron's Wedding at Garden's House

Melbourne, Vic

They started out as housemates in a share house in London but Fionna Pearson and Aaron Melder’s friendship soon blossomed into a relationship. 



Fionna and Aaron relaxed into the wedding planning process once they had booked their ceremony and reception venue at Gardens House in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.


“The ceremony backdrop with its peeling paint and summery flower arch was my favourite piece. It was a vintage screen that once separated a living room from a kitchen in an old Sri Lankan house,” Fionna said. 



“Once we had our venue locked in, everything seemed to come together. With the help of  The Style Co. we had a clear idea of what we wanted our wedding to be like and went for it. We couldn’t have been happier with the result,” Fionna said.


Aaron’s family furniture business Mulbury, came in handy for the couple to source their own furnishings. They used couches and coffee tables at their reception to create a cosy living room outside. 

The pair had fallen in love with Gardens House because it was ideal for their outdoor wedding. “We were so relieved to have perfect weather on our wedding day. An outdoor wedding in Melbourne with its unpredictable weather can be a little risky.”



The wedding was decorated with seasonal and colourful flowers combined with berries and herbs. Fionna and Aaron also created an overhead light feature with festoon lighting. Fionna described the design as a “circus tent canopy” of lights.



“Our wedding wasn’t very traditional. We didn’t have a formal sit-down dinner or a first dance. Our ceremony music was provided by La Mauvaise Réputation, a French Gypsy swing band and South City played covers at our reception. We took our shoes off and danced the evening away on the grass.”

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Gown: Gwendolynne | Photographer: David Rosendale | Wedding Venue: Gardens House | Reception Caterer: Peter Rowland Catering | Furniture Supplier: Mulbury | Reception Decorations, Flowers & Cake: The Style Co. | Groom's Attire: Roger David | Bridal Hairpiece: Richard Nylon Millinery & Bridal |  Music: La Mauvaise Réputation & South City