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At Kaamala Resort Ubud, experience a picturesque Water Wedding by the Infinity Pool, surrounded by a tropical breeze, followed by a delightful Dinner Reception at Wild Air Restaurant. This resort is a haven for Instagram-worthy moments, boasting a fusion of Modern Balinese aesthetics and a wedding setting intricately woven with contemporary Balinese architecture throughout its designs.


With ample space, the venue comfortably accommodates up to 60 guests.

Price Range: 

Engagement or Renewal Vows

  • starts at $ 2,085

Graceful Kaamala Wedding

  • starts at 3,027

Intimate Kaamala Wedding

  • starts at $ 3,541

Ultimate Kaamala Wedding

  • starts at $ 4,013

Glamorour Kaamala Wedding

  • starts at $ 6,697

Kaamala Infinity Water Wedding

  • starts at $ 10, 425

Kaamala Buyout Exclusive

  • starts at $ 33, 495

Weddings at Kaamala Resort Ubud

Experience the enchantment of a Water Wedding atKaamala Resort Ubud's stunning Infinity Pool, boasting a refreshing Tropical Breeze View, followed by a memorable Dinner Reception at Wild Air Restaurant. This Instagram-worthy resort showcases a captivating Modern Balinese design, with its wedding venue exuding a profound touch of contemporary Balinese architecture in every detail.

The Water Wedding venue, nestled amidst a serene pool overlooking the lush forest, offers an intimate setting perfectly suited for gatherings of up to 60 guests.


No.888 x, Jl. Bisma No.888x, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Kaamala Resort Ubud

Celebrate your love amidst the breathtaking allure of Kaamala Resort Ubud. With a Water Wedding at our Infinity Pool, enveloped in tropical serenity, followed by a captivating Dinner Reception at Wild Air Restaurant, your special day unfolds amidst modern Balinese elegance.

No.888 x, Jl. Bisma No.888x, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

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