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Jardin Tan Weddings

At a Glance


  • Jardin Tan sits on the edge of the CBD in the Royal Botanic Gardens and caters a full spectrum of events. With a focus on a shared, fresh, contemporary food experience with a Vietnamese fusion twist. 


  • Vue Events at Jardin Tan caters for a range of wedding styles. From colourful & enticing seated banquet weddings to celebratory and spirited cocktail parties from 20 – 250 persons.


Weddings at Jardin Tan

Set within Melbourne's famous Royal Botanic Gardens, Jardin Tan is an enchanting venue with everything you need for an unforgettable city wedding.

Set within the lush, green embrace of Melbourne’s own colonial marvel, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Shannon Bennett’s Jardin Tan is the perfect location for vibrant, unique and memorable weddings.

As the leaves change colour with the seasons, so too will our menu, with our chefs celebrating the organic, biodynamic produce grown onsite within the gardens and at our sister operation Burnham Beeches. Jardin Tan represents the truest expression of our farm-to-table philosophy,where tradition meets innovation, and the very best of many cultures collide.

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Royal Botanic Gardens/Birdwood Ave, South Yarra, VIC

Jardin Tan Weddings

Set amidst the lush, green embrace of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Jardin Tan events explore their dynamic fusion of flavour.

Royal Botanic Gardens/Birdwood Ave, South Yarra, VIC

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