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Garden Wedding Venues

Garden Wedding Venues

Unleash your creativity and discover the art of hosting the perfect event with our garden wedding ideas

From rolling pastures through to picturesque formal gardens, a garden themed wedding can bring about a swoon-worthy, fairytale-like charm to it. Embracing nature’s beauty with luscious green lawns, magnificent trees and stunning flowers, one of Real Wedding’s featured garden locations can truly encapsulate the magic of your day.

Dependent on the season and weather changes, just be sure to have a back-up plan organised! A beautiful marquee will keep your guests safe from glaring rays and shelter from peltering rain it’ll take you from day to night so just decorate it to suit your theme!

Planning a garden wedding? Here are some quick tips:

  • With trees, bushes and flowers peppering the gardens, take note of which blooms will be in season and coordinate your floral arrangements accordingly for a seamless look.
  • Be wary of the presence of bugs, insects and other little uninvited guests on the day provide insect repellant options or invest in some pretty citronella candles.
  • Tottering around in heels on soft ground and grass can get a bit tricky, so give your lady guests sufficient warning and consider placing little stepping stones, a rollout carpet or an equivalent to avoid potential mishaps.
  • Align your wedding favours with the season and weather. If it’s going to be sunny, consider bright, fun and colourful sunglasses or if it’s going to be cold, snuggly blankets and wraps.
  • Embrace the rustic nature of a garden wedding and take advantage of comfortable wooden chairs, elegant timber tables, whimsical lanterns strung from tree to tree the list goes on.

Browse all the garden wedding venues in Australia above.

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