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Melbourne Weddings

Frequently voted Australia's most "liveable city", Melbourne is always a popular choice for weddings

A city boasting magnificent dualities – within just a few steps you can go from a bustling intersection to a quaint, hidden laneway café – Melbourne has always been a viable choice for couples wanting to begin the next exciting chapter of their lives together.

Whether you’re working hand in hand with a Melbourne wedding planner or looking for ideas and supplies to inspire you, let Real Weddingsgive you a head start in organising your special day.

Weddings are no small feat, find the best suppliers throughout Melbourne above

Whether you want to pledge your vows under the glow of stained glass windows in a traditional church, or set up in one of the lush gardens that make up the parameters of the Melbourne CBD, you and your guests are in for a day to remember.

Not quite sure if you want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city? View our other packages for weddings in Victoria today.

With a huge directory of excellent wedding suppliers and unique listings all available online, you can ensure your day is as magical as you imagined. Real Weddings helps you take the stress out of planning, browse online now!

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