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Top Beach Wedding Locations

Getting married is one of magical experience in our lives. But there's a lot of things to plan, and to accomplish the perfect day of your lives, one of the major decision to make is to select the perfect wedding location.

For beach lovers, a Waterfront Wedding is a no-brainer. While there are plenty of Luxury Wedding Venues that offer up some of the prettiest and spectacular ways to tie the knot, a Waterfront Wedding is an absolutely stunning way to have a memorable wedding day.


A Waterfront Wedding Venue is sure to impress

Increasingly popular amongst couples seeking a laid-back vibe, waterfront weddings are highly sought after for their serene backdrops. Whether it’s a location by the river, lakeside or harbour, you can be sure that the spectacular views offer a perfect complement for a magical day or evening.

With the glistening water at bay and a gentle breeze, the waterfront delivers a beautifully romantic setting to celebrate the love between you and your fianc. You can opt for a relaxed, informal arrangement for an intimate party or an elaborate set up to accommodate your guest list, you’ve got free reign over your day!


Waterfront Wedding Venues

Some Waterfront Wedding ideas we think you might enjoy

  • Set a weather contingency plan Always make sure that there are shelter options nearby if needed. For extra brownie points, you can even stock up on some parasols for your guests as shield from the sun rays or drizzling rain, small blankets the breeze gets chilly and even sunglasses as fun party favours.
  • Let your love soar - Rather than letting off party poppers or throwing confetti into the air, give each of your guests a helium balloon to be released into the sky once you tie the knot.
  • Paint the town red - Add bright splashes of colour to your decorations and wedding bouquets for a happy, vibrant feel.
  • Little scoops of joy - Treat your guests to something sweet and refreshing by organising for your very own ice cream vendor. The mouthwatering scoops of ice cream will be the talk of the party!
  • Morsels from the sea Plan your menu around delicious seafood bites, from smoked salmon canaps through to tropical prawn skewers, it’ll be a definite crowd pleaser!

Trust Real Weddings to help inspire your special day and browse our waterfront wedding venues above.

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